Colour Match Lights


From Scangrip of Denmark is a complete range of colour matching lights. Scangrip is Europe’s leading supplier of work lights for professionals and what is unique about these lights is the special LED technology with high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) value to replicate daylight for perfect colour recognition.

Depending on the type of job at hand, SUNMATCH 3 features an outstanding ALL DAYLIGHT function, providing you with the option to choose between 5 DIFFERENT COLOUR TEMPERATURES, especially useful for bright and dark coloured surfaces. A spotlight for inspection is also included at the top.

The SUNMATCH 3 is supplied with a two-step operating option:

Step 1 = 100% light output
Step 2 = 50% light output

SUNMATCH 3 is always ready to use and easy to find when placed in its charging base after each job. Place the lamp anywhere you want during inspection with the turnable sturdy hook or the strong built-in magnet. The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees.

With its durable construction, the SUNMATCH 3 is both dust and waterproof, IP65. Supplied with a solvent resistant glass lens and a battery indicator at the front that shows when the battery must be recharged.

To avoid overheating the lamp, a built-in intelligent heat protection system switches to low mode (50%) after 3 minutes continuous use at high mode.

* The lights accurately highlight pigments including metallics and pearls.
* Their mobility allows colours to be matched anywhere.
* Fantastic for checking the coverage of poor covering colours and a resulting transparency of the primer coat - meaning that the savings on just one job can easily pay for themselves
* The sturdy units are designed for the demanding environment of a paint shop being completely dust and waterproof and have a replaceable glass lens resistant to all kinds of solvents.
* The long operating life of the LED bulbs is another huge plus reducing the interruption of time-consuming recharging.
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