Paint Selector

How does the Paint Selector Feature works?

You can now easily order paint matched to the paint code of your vehicle through our Mixed Colour options below. You can order a spray can or touch-up bottle of automotive basecoat directly as long as you have the paint code. For other Mixed Colour options, you can choose your paint type (2K Automotive, 2K Commercial, Fast Dry Enamel and Solvent Basecoat) and then request a quote by entering your paint code and required quantity. You will receive a response as soon as possible. The price will vary depending on the colour requested i.e. white, black and grey are cheaper than metallic colours.


How do I find my vehicle's colour code?

RA Johnstone - How do you find paint code - Door Jam RA Johnstone - How do you find paint code - Online Search Formula RA Johnstone - How do you find paint code - RALCOLOR
Vehicle’s engine bay, door jams, fire wall, or owner’s manual Online Search Formula RALCOLOR.COM
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Select the amount of paint that you need.

 RA Johnstone = Amount of Paint - 1 Panel  RA Johnstone = Amount of Paint - 2 Panels  RA Johnstone = Amount of Paint - Repaint



Select the paint type that you need.