RAJ Advantage by RA Johnstone

An easier and faster way to track and invoice materials that panelbeaters have used on a job.


Streamlining the Process

RAJ Advantange makes the process of ordering clips and fastener that they have used on a job easier and faster. It tracks materials to a job. It is a straightforward and documented system to receive claimable materials back from your work provider. 

High Quality Clips

The clips we sell are premium OEM quality. They are UV stabilised. With the warranties that have to be provided these days by the panelshops, inferior products are not an option.

Increase Work Output

RAJ Advantage allows a job to run smoothly especially for small repairs. You don't have to source the clips from the dealership. Instead of hunting around to look for a second hand fastener in sweepings etc, it is simply now going to the box and grabbing the exact fastener and charging it to the job. A trained technician is not being paid by the shop to hunt around to salvage clips. This all helps to put more jobs through with the same amount of overheads which is the only way to make more money. 

Your Administration Task done for you

As the fasteners are used, they are assigned to a job. When complete, it simply becomes an order to RA Johnstone. We then email an invoice and resupply the fasteners.