About Us

RA Johnstone & Co Ltd is one of New Zealand's largest suppliers to the panelbeating and spray painting industry of consumable products, tools and equipment.

Our History 

RA Johnstone & Co Ltd. was founded in 1947 by Mr Alex Johnstone. Mr Johnstone's philosophy was of providing the panelbeating and spray painting profession with quality products backed by excellent service. He had an idea of bringing the products to the people so he set about calling on customers with vehicles as mobile warehouses of product.

In 1987 Mr Johnstone retired and the company was purchased by Mr Michael Head. By sticking to the original tenets that had made RA Johnstone & Co Ltd. successful the company has continued to grow and succeed.

RA Johnstone & Co Ltd. has one of the broadest ranges of products specifically for the panelbeating and spray painting profession, and has grown into one of New Zealand's largest suppliers to the industry.

RA Johnstone & Co Ltd sells both directly to the trade and through other distributors resulting in a nationwide coverage of New Zealand.

In 2005 Pacer Car Clean Products Ltd (www.pacer.co.nz) was purchased by RA Johnstone & Co Ltd with a mission to carry on Pacer’s proud tradition of being New Zealand’s leading supplier of cleaning products to the industry.

In 2019 R.J. Paterson Ltd was was purchased by RA Johnstone & Co Ltd. R.J. Paterson Ltd was established in the late 1980’s by Mr Rob Paterson who was a vibrant personality in the South Island automotive refinish industry. He built the business from modest beginnings to be a key supplier to the South Island market. Initially focussed on consumable products he eventually took on automotive paint taking a little known brand to be one of the top three in the South Island market

Mr Paterson sold the business in 2004 to a group of private investors headed by Managing Director Bill O’Brien. The business was eventually renamed RJP Panel & Paint Supplies Ltd. After the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010/11 the business moved its head office and warehouse to Kaiapoi and added a Dunedin branch to the existing Nelson branch. RJP also established the first automotive training centre of its type in the South Island in 2014. Mr O’Brien turned the business from a wholesaler to an importer and added a number of key international brands including Mipa, IES, Deerfos, Concept, Surface and Airpro. The business also established distribution in the North Island.

In 2019 with the R.A. Johnstone Group acqusition of RJP it has created a strong national supplier to the automotive refinish industry with a wide range of popular brands.

As part of this new ownership RJP was renamed RJP Performance Coatings and Supplies which was consistent with its move into the industrial coatings market.

Importantly the company remains a true New Zealand family owned company with  family members involved in the day to day running of the business.


RA Johnstone & Co Ltd has a philosophy of searching the world for quality products and to make them the brand or product of choice in New Zealand.

RA Johnstone & Co Ltd. aims to be a partner to the industry by providing the New Zealand industry with an international selection of products and tools at a competitive price.


Our Brands


Pacer is well known and trusted for the cleaning, preparation and finishing of any vehicle including trucks, buses, campervans, motorbikes and boats. As the number one chemical supplier to the trade, we know what it takes to solve any dilemma you might have whether it is removing chewing gum from upholstery, installation of chemical reduction mixers to the restoring of a vehicle’s paint finish.

Green Rhino

Green Rhino has a whole range of cleaning chemicals with different applications for businesses in New Zealand. It is made from the best ingredients and manufactured using the highest standards. It was designed to improve cleaning efficiency and to reduce environmental impact. It is 100% New Zealand - made for Kiwis by Kiwis. 

Green Rhino knows that if you have a clean business space, it will leave a good impression to your customers. And with positive customer experience, your business succeeds. Green Rhino wants to help you achieve that.